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I love the city of Los Angeles and will gratefully be your guide to the exciting details in our great city! As soon as I get my license, I will happily help you find your dream home or business property. Let me be your future real estate agent to this exciting community!

I am a graphic designer that has worked at a senior level at companies such as Guess Clothing, Hot Topic, and The Los Angeles Times.

As a music writer and producer, I perform my own version of folk rock at most of the venues in Southern California under the stage name Damion Mikol Wagner and as an electronic music producer and DJ, I perform under the name Dogooder.

My recording studio is called House of Mingus and I have engineered many of LA’s finest rock and electronic bands.

Due to an entrepreneurial nature, my invention of the Vulcan Guitar Clutch has been at the Los Angeles and Nashville NAAMM show, and featured in Guitar World magazine.

I also own Metamorphis Records, a record store and label specializing in vinyl records.

Volunteering as a basic education tutor and guitar instructor for underprivileged/shelter children with School On Wheels has been one of the most rewarding experiences, I highly recommend getting involved!

Travel around the world has been an immeasurable inspiration, here is a map with pins marking my favorite destinations.

Have a terrific day and I hope to see you soon, helping you find your new home, designing your company brand, and seeing you in the audience!

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