I will work with you to get the very best recording of vocals and live instruments with an assortment of microphones including tube and ribbon, many guitars, amps, and effects, a piano and a Fender Rhodes, Nord Lead, and Nord Electro 2. A vintage Pearl drum set or realistic programmed drums. Also I have a vintage Roland Chorus Echo for rich reverb and echo.

My studio is a corner unit with tall ceilings that provide rich, natural acoustics and a great view of downtown Los Angeles from the giant windows. I call my studio the House of Mingus and it has certainly inspired some great music.


Television commercial for an online retail store, the producer wanted it to sound like Kruder & Dorfmeister, so that’s what Ernest Jow, my partner at the time, and I gave them! I also got to use a hand drum I brought home from a trip Vietnam!

Tragic Clowns

Tragic Clowns

I produced a 10 song album for The Tragic Clowns. I am especially proud of the rich percussion we achieved by drum programming with BFD2 and use of my vast collection of hand drums and odd string instruments.

Play Tragic Clowns - Outside Troy

Flying Gherkin

Flying Gerkin

Voice over recording of Elizabeth McGrath for Nick Donkin’s upcoming animated feature.

Play Flying Gherkin - Voice Over


LAPD: Life on the Beat

Cleaned up live microphones and dropped in background music for first three seasons of the popular reality television show about the Los Angeles Police Department.
Here is a link to a bunch of episodes on yourtube



Engineering and assisting the band with production of Los Angeles Electro Art Rock duo.

Play ModPods - Preggers

Central Elements

Central Elements

I produced and played all the instruments on the Central Elements theme song. Central Elements is an urban culture and clothing store. The vocal sample is by Butterfly of the Digable Planets.

Play Central Elements - Rock On

Sound + Vision A Tribute To David Bowie

Octavius Loves Cleopatra

An Electronica rendition of David Bowie’s song Heroes featuring Belinda Kazanci on vocals and Ivan Infinity on guitar for Vitamin Records release Sound + Vision.

Play Octavius Loves Cleopatra - Heroes

Natasha Violeta

Natasha Violeta

Voice over recording of Natasha for a Nickelodeon audition.

Play Natasha Violeta - Voice Over