Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day, that's 146 billion cups of coffee a year. These consumers spend an average of 49 minutes drinking coffee or tea, that’s nearly 3 hours of ad exposure or 360 times the exposure an average television commercial. Advertising on Green Sleeve Ads coffee sleeves delivers your message directly into the hands of these consumers!

Green Sleeve Ads whole-heartedly believes that there is real power in local businesses working together. We've established an extremely effective method of using coffee sleeves to connect local businesses to benefit each other.

Green Sleeve Ads goals are simple:
Provide coffee shops with high quality 100% recyclable hot beverage sleeves free of charge.
Provide local businesses with the opportunity of having their message placed literally into the hands of local customers.

Benefits of Green Sleeve Ads coffee sleeve advertising:
The sleeve area is a highly visible area for advertising your message to local customers.
Your message receives exposure for 20 to 49 minutes as a local customer drinks their beverage. Compare that with a radio or television ad or the length of time it takes to pass a billboard. Even washroom advertising can’t promise you that kind of exposure!
Coffee sleeve advertising is a walking billboard. Anyone in the vicinity of the coffee shop or beverage drinker is exposed to your advertisment. As the beverage travels from cafe to destination it will be seen by an average of six potential customers at sidewalks, stores, hallways, and elevators.
While people relax with a coffee, they are potentially more receptive to your message.
The coffee sleeve folds flat so customers can keep the sleeve for easy reference to your product, service or contact information.
Not just for logos, coffee sleeves can be used for coupons, sweepstakes, and discounts.