Logic Pro X Tips

Takes Folder

Use Option Q to toggle between scissors and swipe on take folder

Time Stretch

  1. Get the 1 on the 1
  2. Open the Editor for the desired track
  3. Click on the Flex button and select a type. Start with rhythmic.
  4. Open Inspector column
  5. Under Region: MIDI Thru set Quantize to 1/8 notes. this is a good starting point.
  6. If anything sounds off open the track’s Editor window and adjust the Flex Hit Points by selecting and moving the Hit Point or turning the Hit Point off by clicking on the X at the top of the point.
Logic X Hit Point
Logic X Hit Point


Logic X Quantize Amount
Logic X Quantize Amount

Get Drummer to play along

Open Logic Pro>Preferences>Audio>General in the middle of the window is Plug-in Latency and confirm if Compensation is  enabled.
NOTE: This is a universal preference. If you have Drummer on other songs recorded without Latency Compensation this will effect them and therefore should be turned off until adjustments are made to the audio placement.

Logic X Plugin Latency
Logic X Plugin Latency
Last Modified on February 7, 2018
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