Masking Hair with Photoshop

Clients and friends alike regularly ask me to help them superimpose the image of a person onto another background.   The first problem is hair and the opacity between the hairs. Adobe Photoshop offers a tool called the “magic wand”. While this tool can get you a quick idea of the composition, you will soon […]

CSS / HTML Cheat Sheet

CSS class vs. ID The ID selector specifies a style for a unique element, defined with a “#”. Do not start an ID with a number! The Class selector specifies a style for a group of elements, defined with a “.” OVERRIDE INLINE STYLES Put the offending style into brackets [ ]. [.stylename] {font-size: 12px;} […]

Logic Pro X Tips

Takes Folder Use Option Q to toggle between scissors and swipe on take folder Time Stretch Get the 1 on the 1 Open the Editor for the desired track Click on the Flex button and select a type. Start with rhythmic. Open Inspector column Under Region: MIDI Thru set Quantize to 1/8 notes. this is […]

WordPress Essentials

Reset Admin Password through FTP 1. Log in to your site through FTP and open functions.php. 2. Add this code at the beginning, after the first <?php: wp_set_password( 'password', 1 ); 3. Enter a new password for the main admin user. “1” is the user ID number. 4.Remove this code or it will reset your […]

Woocommerce Variations (Sizes, Colors, etc.)

Go to the Product Scroll to Product Data. Change drop-down menu to Variable product. Attributes Select the Attributes tab on the left. Change drop-down menu to Custom product attributes and click the Add button. Name the attribute. In this case “Sizes”. Enter the Values separated by a “pipe” |. In this case “Small | Medium | Large”. […]

Woocommerce Products Step-by-Step

From the left side of your wp-admin page click on Products then choose Add Products or select the product you want to edit. Center Column Add Product Name Ignore the main text widow Fill in Product Short Description Center Column > Product Data – Simple Product Choose Simple Product from the drop-down menu Select the General tab SKU and Price […]

Woocommerce Cheat Sheet

Add CSS only on the Shop page change .xxx to the specific CSS element you want to change .xxx { background-color: pink; } Increase Your PHP Memory Add this to wp-config.php // Increase PHP Memory as recommended by Woocommerce define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’ ); Move WooCommerce Product Tabs under Product Summary Add this to functions.php […]

Gmail Setup

This is information partial to Log-in to your Gmail Account Choose Settings (the cog icon on the top right) Select Accounts and Import Select ‘Add a POP3 mail account you own“ Enter your Email address ie. Click the Next button Enter your full email address as the Username ie. Enter Password for […]

Online CSS Generators & Mixers

Here is a link to an awesome CSS gradient generator Here is a link to an awesome CSS button generator W3 Schools is a great assistant for HTML & CSS HTML Color Names are funner! HTML Color Picker is a great way to find similar colors Robot.txt Generator Site Map […]