Play Going Back To School

Programming / Bass / Guitar / Vocals / Production
Dogooder is my disco alter ego! Originally created with Ernest Jow because he wanted to learn how to use midi, a protocol that allows musical instruments to communicate with each other. Dogooder has since been host to many great musicians such as Ivan X of Tongue, McCall Bennett, Christa Larson, and of course Liz McGrath! Currently Dogooder has released 3 full length cds and recorded on nearly a dozen compilation albums.
Sturm und Drang

Sturm und Drang

Play Instincts

What would happen if we made a hybrid of Skinny Puppy and the guitar hero days of the Sunset strip?


Play Us

Back in my rebellious years is an understatement to my early musical career! One Christmas I bought the singer a sledge hammer for the purpose of smashing, on stage, televisions that we had collected from the side of the road. What a mess we would make!


Play Cigarette Bitch

Programming / Vocals / Guitar / Production
Digirati was originally conceived by Lance and myself to write songs for a sci-fi movie. After enjoying ourselves so much making dirty electro with a crunchy guitar we invited Chris to join. Lance moved on so Chris and I recruited Christa and that’s who you see pictured on the CD.
The Dizzys

The Dizzys

Play Running from the Law

Vocals / Guitar
The Dizzys had many inceptions, all very good but each a very unique approach to the songs on our playlist. On this version I play guitar and sing a call and response duet with Brie Gabette who also played bass.

Beggars & Royals

Play Flight Up North

Vocals / Guitar / Drums / Production
I played lead guitar and sang about half the songs for my first country act. On recordings I also played drums and organ. On the road, for the songs I didn’t sing, I’d get behind my glittery ’67 Pearl 3 piece.

Enemy of Evil

Play Dealt With

Programming / Bass / Vocals / Production
This was a great production partnership that I made with Ivan X. We would both sing and I would play bass while Ivan (of course) played guitar. We recorded a number of songs for Vitamin Records.


Bass / Rhodes Piano / Melodian
I was originally brought into Syncopation as a bass player because of this insane walking scale that the bass player Dave hated playing. He would switch to guitar for a song or two and when he went back on bass I became the piano player and then melodian player through out the show.

Legs of Dead Olivia

This was a great band to get me through college. Completely improv but we sounded like Stone Temple Pilots, I swear!