Masking Hair with Photoshop

Clients and friends alike regularly ask me to help them superimpose the image of a person onto another background.   The first problem is hair and the opacity between the hairs. Adobe Photoshop offers a tool called the “magic wand”. While this tool can get you a quick idea of the composition, you will soon […]

CSS / HTML Cheat Sheet

CSS class vs. ID The ID selector specifies a style for a unique element, defined with a “#”. Do not start an ID with a number! The Class selector specifies a style for a group of elements, defined with a “.” Disable links pointer-events: none !important; cursor: default !important; Make an .htaccess file with these […]

Logic Pro X Tips

Takes Folder Use Option Q to toggle between scissors and swipe on take folder Time Stretch Get the 1 on the 1 Open the Editor for the desired track Click on the Flex button and select a type. Start with rhythmic. Open Inspector column Under Region: MIDI Thru set Quantize to 1/8 notes. this is […]

WordPress Essentials

Reset Admin Password through FTP 1. Log in to your site through FTP and open functions.php. 2. Add this code at the beginning, after the first <?php: wp_set_password( 'password', 1 ); 3. Enter a new password for the main admin user. “1” is the user ID number. 4.Remove this code or it will reset your […]